How Did DJ Stas Vibe Tribe AKA Stas Marnyanski Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

DJ Stas Vibe Tribe Cause Of Death

We regret to notify you of the demise of Vibe Tribe, a well-known Israeli producer and DJ of Russian descent. On Sunday, October 30, 2022, he passed away in his house. He was 37 years old.

Singer SinusX announced the news on Facebook. Portugal, Israel, and Russia all knew and appreciated Vibe Tribe as a DJ. The music industry will sadly miss him. His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time. Peace be upon him.

Israeli producer and music director Stas Marnyanski, better known by his stage name DJ Vibe Tribe, was a Russian-born expert in Psytrance music. He co-founded the Vibe Tribe project with Elmar Ivatarov in their early 20s, and the group immediately rose to fame in the genre thanks to their remix of the Infected Mushroom song Shawkawkaw.

Before breaking up in 2006, they had recorded music for several compilations and had achieved some level of notoriety. Elmar adopted the nickname Spad, while Stas continued to release music under the name Vibe Tribe. Even though they only put out two albums, they had a profound impact on the psy trance scene and will always be regarded as the forerunners of the genre.

How Did Stas Marnyanski Die?

Everyone was shocked by the abrupt death of Vibe Tribe, one of the most well-known DJs in the world, on October 30, 2022. Singer SinusX made the initial announcement of the news on Facebook, writing that Vibe Tribe had passed away earlier in the day.

Although it has not yet been verified, a heart attack has been listed as the cause of death. Following his passing, tributes from both fans and other musicians have flooded in.

One of the greats of the electronic music field, Vibe Tribe was renowned for his inventive and genre-defying songs. All those who had the luxury of knowing him will miss him terribly.


Mimo wrote:

Stas Marnyanski aka Vibe Tribe is passed away today!!

Raves Paradise wrote:

Today is a sad day for the psytrance scene, Stas
Marnyanski, name behind Vibe Tribe project, dies at 37

Rest in peace.

Uai Goiano wrote:

This morning I ended up getting sad news of the passing of “Stas Marnyanski” @vibetribeofficial, man it made me very sad, he is one of the psytrance artists that was part of my adolescence.

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