Who is Canadian Sniper Wali? Real Name & More

Canadian Sniper Wali Wikipedia

An expert Canadian sharpshooter known as ‘Wali’ has landed in Ukraine and pledged to battle Russian forces as a volunteer fighter.

Wali is a former Canadian Forces sniper who recently responded to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plea for foreign volunteers to assist in the fight against Russian invaders.


Real Name Not Known
Nick Name Wali
Profession Sniper
Nationality Canadian
Relationship Status Married
Children 1 Son


As of 2022, He is 40 years old.

Real Name

He has kept her real name secret for his safety.

Wali Sniping Career

It’s a bizarre experience, according to the former member of Canada’s elite Royal 22e Regiment, who deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as aiding Kurdish forces to combat ISIS some years ago.

When Wali arrived in battle, he was received with open arms by Ukrainians.

Wali said, “They were so happy to have us,”

“It’s like we were friends right away.”

He added, “A week ago, I was still programming stuff,”

“Now I’m grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people. … That’s my reality right now.”

Wali said he will miss his son’s first birthday, which he will celebrate with the rest of his small family at home.

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