Who is Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali? Wiki, Age, NFT Millionaire & Facts

A Computer Science student named Ghozali Ghozalu became a millionaire overnight.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali of Indonesia photographed himself in the same posture every day for five years, but he never imagined they would sell for $1 million.


Real NameSultan Gustaf Al Ghozali
Nick NameGhozali
Birth DateWill Be Updated Soon
Age (As Of 2022)22 Years Old
Birth PlaceIndonesia
ProfessionDigital Artist
Zodiac SignWill Be Updated Soon
Relationship StatusWill Be Updated Soon
Girlfriend/WifeWill Be Updated Soon
Net Worth$1 Million


As of 2022, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is 22 years old.

How Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali Make $1 Million By Selling NFTs?

Firstly, Ghozali took the photos to keep track of his time as a student, with the intention of showing a timelapse upon his graduation.

However, with the rise in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), he decided to try and sell them, according to France24. NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies, which are collections of computer code with recognizable logos, such as Bitcoin.

An NFT is unique in that it digitizes a work of art or music and converts it into a non-fungible token that can be kept on the blockchain. That means it can’t be duplicated and belongs to the person who owns it.


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Last month, Ghozali put his images available for sale on the Opensea platform, and demand for his selfies has risen dramatically.

NFT Selfies

His photos went up for sale on the platform Opensea in December, and after a celebrity chef bought up a handful of them this week, he was inundated with over 400 people interested in purchasing the rights to his images.

As a result of the tremendous demand, the price of his collection, titled “Ghozali Everyday,” eventually surpassed $1 million.

Following a surge in demand, one selfie was available for 0.247 ether ($806) on Friday.

According to France24, he stated, “I never thought anybody would want to buy the selfies, which is why I only priced them at $3.”

What Will He Do Now With So Much Money?

Despite his instant success, Ghozali believes he has yet to up the guts to tell his parents about his fortune.

Ghozali said he now intends to invest the money he has made from his NFTs in the hopes of opening his own animation studio in the future.

He’ll also keep taking selfies every day until he graduates.

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